40 Goals for 2017: Week 7

I’m keeping myself accountable this year by tracking my progress on my 40 Goals for 2017 every week. 

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Week Seven


  1. Max Roth IRAs for the mister and I: $11000. I have $250 in my fund. The mister has $1000. I expect to add only $250 to mine this month.
  2. Cash flow 4 months of swim lessons at Aquatots for our son and older daughter: $1200. This will start in late May. I will be working more then and should be able to easily cash flow this.
  3. Save $3000 for HVAC replacement. Not yet.
  4. Save $4000 towards the mister’s car replacement fund. Not yet. Waiting to see the fallout from the ceiling repair, which will probably happen late February or early March. Right now we have it covered up. The mister will replace the toilet Monday when he is off work, and then we will call a contractor for an estimate.
  5. Save $1050 for Christmas. I transferred $88 to my savings fund in January. I plan to do the same at the end of this month.
  6. Save $1800 for outdoor playset.  We’re talking about moving to make sure we have space in case family needs to move in with us. We’re shelving this for the moment until we have a better idea of what we will do.
  7. Save $750 towards next year’s 2018 family vacation and $ 750 towards my 2018 40th birthday trip ($125/month). We have $113 from last year’s garage sale earnings that I put towards our vacation fund. This month I am knee-deep in my practicum and have cut my hours. I may not have the bandwidth to do extra saving.
  8. Spend $500/mo or less on groceries and $100/mo or less on entertainment. I spent $74.68 for groceries out of my $500/month budget this week, for a total of $322.40 so far.   I didn’t get any rebates from my rebate apps.  As far as entertainment, we spent $16 on donuts for our kindergartener’s birthday treat and $20 at Wendy’s. That’s $85 spent this month so far.
  9. Finally roll over one of my 401Ks. Not this week!
  10. Give: 5 hours of volunteer time and $50/mo. We had a Girl Scout meeting last week:  2.5 hours completed. I have donated $52 to charity this month, so that goal is met.


  1. Complete my master’s degree! I am basically working 7 days a week now. I did a lot of grading this week, hours of research for the course I am helping to rewrite, will teach Population Health for 4 hours tomorrow, and head out to teach students on the OB unit Friday for 5-6 hours.  I had two pieces of homework due by Saturday and I already completed them.
  2. Date night with the husband once per month  I have a Groupon for this movie/fine dining place, and we hoped to use it Saturday, but the only movie playing is Newsies the Musical- bleh! We have a sitter scheduled for the evening, so our alternative is to see a cheapie dollar movie and use our gift card to Olive Garden. We want to see Hidden Figures, so we may use our Fandango gift cards if it’s not at the cheapies yet.
  3. Read 1 book per month– I am 50% of the way through The Rule of Benedict. I have this story idea and am getting some really good information about not only how a monastery is designed, but also in understanding the motivations of the people who may be living there. The Kane Chronicles is finally available to me on the digital library app, so I am reading that next.
  4. Monthly me-time with friends. My friend Jen and I love theater, and we’re seeing Something Rotten at the end of February.
  5. Complete one freelance submission. Nothing this week.
  6. Finish the afghan languishing in the closet. This is going to be languishing until April.
  7. Learn how to set up my sewing machine and complete one simple project. It’s still in its container. My Aunt Judy gave me scrap fabric to practice with for Christmas. No time this week.
  8. Conquer iced cookies and icing a cake.  The birthday party was Saturday. I just didn’t have time to ice the cake like I planned, so we printed some pictures instead.  I’m calling it a delicious cakewreck, lol. My girls didn’t care. It was all made from scratch, including the icing. 
  9. Drink 64 ounces water daily.  I have hit it 6 out of 7 days this week.  Clinical days are the worst, as I have no time to eat or drink when I am with my students. I am basically chugging water as soon as I get to my car.
  10. Survive my practicum without eating fast food. Last week I hit Wendy’s and got a Coke. I teach until 10-1015 the night before my OB clinicals, and it is an hour drive there and back. I really need the caffeine to stay alert behind the wheel. It’s not healthy, but I am bringing a small can to fuel after clinical this week. It’s left over from the party. We usually don’t have pop in our home.


  1. Visit family in Cleveland. Sometime this summer. We are figuring out summer camp right now (our older kids will do 1-2 weeks each, probably computer programming for the boy, art for the girl,and a combined week of outdoor park camp for both).
  2. Weekly 1:1 time with each child. I plan on playing a board game with the boy tonight (Battleship). The girls and I have made art projects and done reading together. The toddler gets lots of 1:1 time when the big kids are in school. Lucky girl!
  3. Sell my son’s old clothes. These are hiding in the closet.
  4. Complete kitchen counter clear-off to prepare for a fish tank. We plan on making the girls’ combined birthday present a fish tank. This is piling up again.
  5. Clear out our study corner hot spot. The clearing off I did is still intact and looking good.
  6. Get the toddler potty trained! We are using a free printable reward chart. Our youngest has been keeping dry pretty often during the day but still has daily accidents. She has been waking up dry pretty frequently though!
  7. Hang pictures in front hallway. Nope. They are now neatly stacked and ready to go though.
  8. Plant front yard tree. It’s still winter.
  9. Paint half bath. Not yet.
  10. Visit 6 different parks. Too cold!


  1. Complete Etsy Essentials and Brilliant Pins courses. Not yet. School has the priority this week again.
  2. Start posting regularly on my Best Geeky Baby Names site. It’s probably unrealistic to expect to do anything extra in February. I am committed seven days a week and am coasting on fumes and caffeine.
  3. Purchase the virtual real estate for the other four sites I want to create. Not yet. Waiting for a sale.
  4. Incorporate as an LLC. I am putting this off until after my practicum.
  5. Explore affiliates for my sites. I signed up for Share a Sale but need to look at which ones to work with.
  6. Double my daily traffic for Frugal Stepping Stones. I haven’t hit it once this week.
  7. Start a monthly newsletter. Not yet.
  8. Expand my Emergency Menu Plans by one new plan each month this year. I am barely treading water right now. I finish two of my practicum sites around March 7th, and my OB site on March 10th. I am shooting for after that point.
  9. Do one guest post. Not yet, but I have a few ideas where to reach out. This will happen after my practicum.
  10. Interview one person for the blog. I have someone who is interested in being interviewed.

How are your goals going?


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