40 Goals for 2017: Weeks 11 & 12

I’m keeping myself accountable this year by tracking my progress on my 40 Goals for 2017 every week. 

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Weeks Eleven and Twelve


  1. Max Roth IRAs for the mister and I: $11000. I have $500 in my fund. The mister has $1000. The goal is for him to add $1000 every month until the 2017 fund is full, and then use that towards the HVAC, car replacement, play set, and extra savings. I am working 4 days this week and next, so we shall see if I can squeeze $460 out of that.
  2. Cash flow 4 months of swim lessons at Aquatots for our son and older daughter: $1200. This will start in late May. I will be working more then and should be able to easily cash flow this.
  3. Save $3000 for HVAC replacement. Not yet.
  4. Save $4000 towards the mister’s car replacement fund. Not yet.
  5. Save $1050 for Christmas. I transferred $88 to my savings fund in January and February. I have $176. I plan to save $88/month for this.
  6. Save $1800 for outdoor playset.  This is back on. My FIL suggested that even if we move (and that is up in the air still) we could always break it down and bring it with us. Nothing yet. We will probably order it soon.
  7. Save $750 towards next year’s 2018 family vacation and $ 750 towards my 2018 40th birthday trip ($125/month). We have $113 from last year’s garage sale earnings that I put towards our vacation fund. I have picked up extra hours the last two weeks of this month, so we’ll see where we are in 10 days.
  8. Spend $500/mo or less on groceries and $100/mo or less on entertainment. I spent $489 so far this month and have $135 left to spend this weekend, since it’s a 5 week month.
  9. Finally roll over one of my 401Ks. Not this week!
  10. Give: 5 hours of volunteer time and $50/mo. We had two Girl Scout meetings this month. I donated $27 for the child in Gambia we sponsor from Plan. I also started donating $42/month to St. Jude’s every month for the next 12 month.  I almost didn’t get a clinical placement for my teaching practicum, and truly thought I would have to withdraw from school and try again in 10 weeks. I found one at the 11th hour and this was my pledge. Although I am a lapsed Catholic, I am way too superstitious to blow this off.


  1. Complete my master’s degree! I have completed my project and my three teaching practicum experiences. In 10 days, I will have to turn in a 20 slide Powerpoint presentation about my project, including an audio narrative, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I will then have 2 weeks off before I do my last 10 weeks.
  2. Date night with the husband once per month.  We have a sitter scheduled for Saturday night to go celebrate our birthdays at our favorite local foodie joint.
  3. Read 1 book per month I just finished Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert today. I was a HUGE Little House fan when I was younger, both the books and the show, and even tried to make my own hoop skirts (fail). This book started off slow and I wasn’t sure I would finish it, but then it became very interesting. I had no idea she hung out with the Brat Pack in the 80s and dated Rob Lowe- but of course in 1985 I was only 7 and I was way more interested in Scooby Doo than Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez. There are more tales of naughty sex, drunken brawls, and cocaine use than I was expecting. Total books read this year: 3.
  4. Monthly me-time with friends.  The Girl and I saw Beauty and the Beast last Friday with the half-price tickets I scored on Atom. It was awesome! Tomorrow night I am going out with a couple girls from work tomorrow night for a nice kvetching session.
  5. Complete one freelance submission. Nothing this week. This will probably happen when I am done with my master’s.
  6. Finish the afghan languishing in the closet. This is going to be languishing until April 1st. I need to pull it out and have it ready though. I’m hoping I put the afghan book with the pattern in the bag with the half-finished afghan. It’s been so long I don’t remember!
  7. Learn how to set up my sewing machine and complete one simple project. It’s still in its container. My Aunt Judy gave me scrap fabric to practice with for Christmas. No time this week. I have Girl Scout patches that need to be sewn on, but those will have to wait. Maybe early April?
  8. Conquer iced cookies and icing a cake. We made rice krispie treats for the Mister’s birthday. I gained back 5 pounds of the 20 I lost during my practicum so I’m calling a moratorium on this for at least a couple months.
  9. Drink 64 ounces water daily.  I have hit it 7 out of 7 days this week. It helps that I am no longer teaching OB clinicals.  I got this glass water bottle to sit on my desk and it has upped my game. It holds 22 ounces, so I am drinking my normal 4 cups of tea a day and 2 of these bottles to hit my quota. It has a ceramic cap that is held on my silicone. We are phasing plastic out of our lives and as much as possible and I am known to be a total klutz, having spilled things on my work desk and laptop numerous times, so a cap is a must.
  10. Survive my practicum without eating fast food. We are calling this a 50% success.


  1. Visit family in Cleveland. Sometime this summer. We are all set for summer camp right now (our older kids will do 2-3 weeks each,  computer programming and 3-day cub scout camp for the boy, art for the girl, and a combined week of outdoor park camp for both).
  2. Weekly 1:1 time with each child. The Little and I have had lots of quality time this week.We shopped at Target yesterday and came home and I was her patient while she played doctor. Our 6 year old and I went to Girl Scouts together and had a date night seeing Beauty and the Beast. This was the first time she made it through an entire movie. I read a chapter of a book out loud to The Boy last night before bed.
  3. Sell my son’s old clothes. These are hiding in the closet. I will see how my last classes are as far as work, and may work on this in April/May.
  4. Complete kitchen counter clear-off to prepare for a fish tank. We plan on making the girls’ combined birthday present a fish tank. The fish tank is on the counter and the Mister is getting it ready for a fish still. It really needed a deep cleaning.
  5. Clear out our study corner hot spot. The clearing off I did is still intact and looking good. I have a little more to do, but this will wait until my 2 week break starts.
  6. Get the toddler potty trained! The Toddler has made huge strides the past two weeks. She as been wearing underwear every day and is starting to independently go to the potty without reminders, at least at home. The sitter still prompts her, but she has been staying dry and earned the right to pick out new undies at Target yesterday. Our Huggies shipment came in from Amazon this week and we noticed we still have one and a half boxes of pull-ups left in the basement still. We had no idea how many we were using before this. Now she wears one for naps, night time,and trips longer than an hour,though she stayed dry the entire time we were at the kindergarten book fair and Target trip yesterday, a total of 3 hours. I am hopeful she will be ready for preschool in the fall.
  7. Hang pictures in front hallway. Nope. They are now neatly stacked and ready to go though. This is another project I want to work on during Spring Break.
  8. Plant front yard tree. Spring is officially here, so we need to start thinking about this. We are thinking of a small Japanese Maple.
  9. Paint half bath. Not yet. We will need to repaint the ceiling when the ceiling is repaired, so we are talking about just painting the living room, which has never been painted since we moved in 12 years ago, the half bath, and the master bedroom. The ceiling won’t be repaired until the Mister fixes the mater bath shower, which may happen this weekend.
  10. Visit 6 different parks.  It’s going to warm up soon, so I am starting to make plans. I have a couple places on my list. We will hit one on Spring Break for sure.


  1. Complete Etsy Essentials and Brilliant Pins courses. Not yet. School has the priority this week again.
  2. Start posting regularly on my Best Geeky Baby Names site. It’s probably unrealistic to expect to do anything extra until my practicum is fully done. That means 10 days more, however!
  3. Purchase the virtual real estate for the other four sites I want to create. Not yet. Waiting for a sale.
  4. Incorporate as an LLC. I am putting this off until after my practicum.
  5. Explore affiliates for my sites. I signed up for Share a Sale but need to look at which ones to work with.
  6. Double my daily traffic for Frugal Stepping Stones. I haven’t hit it once this week.
  7. Start a monthly newsletter. Not yet.
  8. Expand my Emergency Menu Plans by one new plan each month this year. I am planning this for early April.
  9. Do one guest post. Not yet, but I have a few ideas where to reach out. This will happen after my practicum.
  10. Interview one person for the blog. I have someone who is interested in being interviewed.

How are your goals going?


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