Here are a few of my favorite personal finance and frugality blogs. (If you will like to be added, feel free to drop me an email:

Mr Money Mustache– Retired early by age 30, lives on about $24/k year. He is not afraid to give your consumer habits the side-eye.

Frugalwoods– Young couple planning on early retirement and building a homestead despite living in high cost of living area.

The Simple Dollar– Finance advice from a guy that dug himself out of debt.

Get Rich Slowly– Lots of great basic finance advice.

Mad Fientist– Finance advice geared towards those who want to retire early. Who wants to spend another decade or two working?

The Prudent Homemaker– Mother of 7 feeds her family of 9 on $275/month through bulk buying, scratch-cooking, and gardening on her suburban lot. If you are desperate and need to feed your family on nothing, she has great advice.

Six Figures Under– A couple with a growing family taking every measure they can to pay off over $100,000 in law school debt. They started in 2013 and are pretty close to the finish!

The Non-Consumer Advocate– one woman makes a pledge to buy nothing new except for a teeny, tiny handful of things (think underwear and socks). She also has one of the best frugal forums on Facebook.

The Root of Good– Couple with 3 kids already retired early. Very open in their explanations how they managed this.

Northern Expenditure– A family in Alaska trying to save enough to retire early.

One Hundred Dollars A Month– Feeding a family on $100/month with extensive gardening.

1500 Days To Freedom– They built a million dollar retirement portfolio in a few years.

The Krazy Coupon Lady– When I use coupon match-ups, this is the place I go for them.

Money Saving Mom– Some coupon match-ups, frugal recipes, and debt-payoff stories.

Go Curry Cracker– A couple retired early in their 30s and now live and adventure abroad

Budget Bytes: Frugal recipes with cost breakdowns.

Frugal Dad– Frugal advice for paying for high education.

Rockstar Finance– Loads of advice about saving money, paynig off debt, and building your wealth.

CaitFlanders– Paid off a ton of debt, and now working on ensuring it doesn’t pile up again.

Budgets Are Sexy– All the cool kids are on budgets too.

Club Thrifty-This super frugal thirtysomething couple was able to quit their day jobs.

Broke Millenial– Millenial blogger focused on building net worth.





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