Cash For Grad School: Final Goal Update

Two years ago this month I was applying for grad school at the same time it was becoming evident I would have to leave my full-time job. We went into super frugal mode and managed to pay off the remainder of my student loans and our van in the 8 weeks before I dropped to part-time.

I did not ever want to take out another student loan, yet in dropping to part-time I was also losing my tuition reimbursement benefit.

My husband was dubious that we could pay my tuition when I was only working 4-8 days a month. After watching me stockpile 8 years worth of razors for him and spending only $9 out of pocket, he was willing to give it a go. I love a challenge.

In the past two years we have:

  • eaten a lot of lentils
  • had many at-home dates
  • put off expensive vacations
  • packed many lunches
  • borrowed books and movies from the library
  • applied for (and won!) scholarships using free resources
  • picked up shifts early in the morning (think 4 am to 8 am) or on the weekend to avoid childcare costs
  • held a garage sale
  • sold things on craigslist
  • gone without a YMCA membership
  • switched to a cheaper phone plan through Google Fi

Two weeks ago, we made the LAST tuition payment.


And now we do the Dance of Joy.


Can I get a Whoo Hoo?

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  • Well done!

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