Cash For School: December 2016 Update

It’s time once again for our monthly check-in! How are we doing with our goal to remain debt-free while I earn a graduate degree?

Last month, I shared my estimated tuition costs. Where do we stand now?

  1. My tuition– I paid my tuition yesterday. It was $1765 with additional fees. Yep, we paid cash as we have been doing all along! Since I will be teaching two classes and helping rewrite a third course, I am responsible for buying the textbooks associated with those classes. I am in the process of finding out what those are and ordering them, so I’m not sure what they will cost. The good news is that the class I will help rewrite and the class I will teach online is the same, so I only have to buy books for two of the courses. My very last payment will be in late March and is $2240 before books. We already have it, so we are set! Cash flowing tuition goal for 2016 = met.
  2. My Roth– I have the $4008 that I expected to have but we had an increase in medical expenses this past month, I had to cancel a few shifts due to illness, apply for my Indiana nursing license, about $100 when all was said and done, and  renew my CPR certification for $50, so I can complete my planned clinical practicum.. The good news is that we received a gift, and that gift will completely fund it. 2016 Roth goal= met.
  3. His Roth– fully funded already. 2016 goal = met.

Here’s an interesting future twist: the mister is considering getting his master’s. His work offers tuition reimbursement, so it would not be as pricey, and he wouldn’t even think of applying until I am 100% done, so maybe in 2018 or so.

Where are you at with your goals this year?

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