Cash For School: February 2017 Update

It’s time once again for our monthly check-in! How are we doing with our goal to remain debt-free while I earn a graduate degree?

Here is where we stood last month. Where do we stand now?

  1. My tuition–  My very last payment is due by March 28th and is $2476.45 before books. That includes my graduation fee. We already have it, so we are set! Cash flowing tuition goal for 2017 = met. Boom!
  2. Other school expenses– I am about halfway through my teaching practicum now. The first 6 weeks are the most intense, since my in classroom teaching, online teaching, and in hospital teaching experiences all overlap within a short period of time. The good news is that my last in classroom night is next Thursday and my last week of online teaching is next week as well. My last day teaching OB to nursing students is March 10th. After that, I will only have to finish my part in rewriting a Leadership and Management course. As the graduate assistant, I am responsible for parts of it but not the entire thing. It is a fair amount of work however, and will keep me busy until the end of the month, when my practicum time formally ends. I did have one extra expense this week, though- I had to buy an additional book for a course. I ended up choosing the ebook for $51.

Only four months to go!

Where are you at with your goals this year?


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