Cash For School Update: December 2015


Cash for school

It’s the beginning of December, and we are one month away from January’s tuition payment. I still don’t know what the price of books will be, as it isn’t loaded into my account yet. At minimum, we will have to pay $3276. My school does not allow us the option of finding books for cheaper elsewhere (boo!), but ships them to us and bills us at their price. We are also told to keep our books through graduation, as they may be used in future courses, so we can’t sell them (boo again!). Since I have been in school for what feels like forever, I can estimate that I may have to pay an extra $200 for books, so we are planning for $3500.

The good news is that we are at 100% and ready to pay when January rolls around. I also did complete my first two courses with an A and an A-, so I have a GPA of 3.77. This helps me look good for scholarships. I did find a few potential graduate level scholarships for nursing, however I can’t apply for them until 2016. Scholarships get fewer and harder to come by past the bachelor level.

In other news, we are also at 100% for our 2015 Roth IRA goals ($11,000), thanks to that recent windfall.  We now move on to other priorities: $1000 in dental work for me (a dental implant in January), extra mortgage payments every month ($500/month), $250 for a new toilet, $600ish for a new dishwasher, and April grad school tuition of $3500. Let’s not forget we plan to put up a fence as soon as we can this year ($5000!). I feel confident we can do it though.

It never ends, does it?

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