Cash For School Update: November 2016 Update

Cash for school

It’s time once again for our monthly check-in! How are we doing with our goal to remain debt-free while I earn a graduate degree?

Last month, I shared that I will be splitting up my last grad school session to ensure I don’t go crazy with stress trying to complete my practicum and my master’s portfolio at the same time. Where do we stand now?

  1. My tuition– I got an email this month telling me my account had been charged for this session’s books, a total of $333.83. We weren’t happy that the new process doesn’t let us know how much books are until after the fact,but of course we paid it. We have enough for the remainder of my program’s tuition and will pay about $1680 in tuition at the end of December. I also learned that wherever I end up teaching for my classroom and online practicums may require I buy the textbooks the students will be using, so I can prepare for my teaching. This was new to us, and I have no idea how much that could be. I am still trying to narrow down even one of my four placements and am rather stressed about it.  (If you know a nursing educator in SW Ohio, send them my way!) On the upside, I could opt for new or rental textbooks if I needed to, since I am not forced to purchase through the school bookstore.
  2. My Roth– I have about $3658 in my 2016 Roth fund. I plan on putting my usual $250 towards it this month, plus I will have about $100 in rebates, referral and affiliate income to put towards it as well. That would bring me to $4008. My stretch goal is to put another $300-500 towards it and get near $4500.
  3. His Roth– It’s ready to be funded now. Woot!
  4. Next year’s tuition– Our last payment should be at the end of March, and I anticipate $2240. I don’t know if we will have any new books for that session. If we do, maybe another $300 tops?

The end is almost in sight!

Where are you at with your goals this year?

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