Feeding 5 for $125 Per Week: 2nd Week of April 2017

Green Bean Delivery: $59.15

My kids demolished that pineapple in an hour.

Kroger: $77.82

Tome it looks like there is nothing here, but the hard cider, two bags of coffee, Clif bars, and so milk are expensive. Our Easter prep includes buying chips and the fixins’ to make Easter egg shaped and colored Rice Krispie treats using Lucky Charms.

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $136.97

Running total: $376.51

I’m pretty sure we’re going over this month, thanks to the extra Sam’s trip.

Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 1st Week of April 2017

Green Bean Delivery: $82.86

Grandma was here when it was delivered and put everything away for me. We got 4 half-gallons of organic local milk that comes in glass bottles, 2 12-oz slabs of uncured bacon, mushrooms,cabbage, red and yellow onions, green beans, kiwi, apples, carrots, lettuce, mandarin oranges, and two pints of cherry tomatoes.

Sam’s: $96.76

We only hit Sam’s every 6-8 months, and mostly get staples. Buying flour, sugar, cocoa, spices, and dried beans in bulk and storing them in food storage bins is how we keep our grocery budget lower. Last year, Sam’s started stocking bulk pinto beans, and now they are stocking dried black beans. It’s way cheaper than buying it by the pound. I find it’s cheaper to buy spices in bulk that we use frequently, so I buy bulk Lawry’s, cinnamon, cumin, pepper, and taco seasoning. I’m responsible for Girl Scout snacks this week, so I bought chips and applesauce. We have 20 girls in our troop. The extras I will keep for our family’s summer field trips.

Kroger: $59.92

This will leave us about $260.46 for the month. Let’s just say,  we’ll be doing a lot of rice and beans and other vegetarian meals this month.

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $239.54

Running total: $239.54

Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 4th Week of March 2017

Kroger: $64.01

This is a 5 week month, so we have one more to go. This week I will start our weekly Green Bean Delivery, so I will have about $135 to spend. I anticipate my produce/meat/dairy delivery from Green Bean will be $60 after my $20 off discount for my first order, and the rest will be from Aldi and/or Kroger.

Health Food Unlimited: $37.51

Granola, tea tree oil, bulk pecans, and taco flavored fermented kraut.

Monthly goal: $625

Weekly total: $101.52

Running total: $489.02

Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 3rd Week of February 2017

Dorothy Lane Market: $74.68

Yesterday I had 120 minutes to get the house clean, make icing and ice a cake, print out and cut some games, make three appetizers, and go to the store. I hit the nearest (and most expensive) store, bought the basics of what we needed for the party, and iced the cake. We’ll need to hit the store for soy milk, cow’s milk, and yogurt, but are otherwise eating from the pantry.

I didn’t have 10 minutes to spare to take a picture, but I bought tomatoes, fresh veggies, some heart shaped cookies, sour cream, cheese, guac, bacon, crescent rolls, pop, whipping cream, spaghetti sauce, and refried beans.

So much for icing the cake. I had to settle for slapping the icing on as fast as I could and printing out a couple pictures. The girls didn’t care. I did make the icing myself. Canned icing is vile.

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $74.68

Running total: $322.40