Choose One Thing: Back Off The Heat


Choose One Thing

Not to beat this phrase to death, but winter is coming, and it’s getting colder here in the Midwestern United States. We’ve had some unseasonably warm days this week, but at night and early morning, I am starting to freeze my tootsies off.

I am someone who is always cold, except at the height of summer. Most of the time, I am wrapped in a blanket, and my husband can attest my feet feel like ice most of the time. To top it off, I have arthritis, and my joints can get stiff and ache more than usual all winter long.

For those reasons, we have always kept our thermostat on 75 during the winter. When I was pregnant, my husband loved it, because I was so hot I wanted it to be at 65, and our electric bill would drop dramatically. Sadly, that never lasted longer than the pregnancies.

Our bill has already started to climb, and this winter I want to try and see if I can make a dent in it. We already did air sealing and we do insulate our windows during the cold season.

If I prepare and find ways to stay comfortably warm, even if it means I walk around looking like the Human Cocoon, will I be able to last the winter with the heat turned down to 70 or less? Supposedly, for every degree you lower your heat, you will save 5% in energy costs.

I had to buy post-pregnancy clothes this year, and I have outfitted myself with flannels, hoodies, wool socks, Cuddl Duds, fingerless mitts, a mattress warmer, and shearling lined slippers.

On Saturday, I dropped the heat to 72. I definitely felt cold, but could be comfortable with a sweater, hoodie, and slippers. Yes, feel free to laugh, you cold-tolerant people! My mattress warmer kept me comfortable at night after a few adjustments.

Yesterday, I dropped it to 70. The kids did not complain, and I fared well. I was going to give myself a few days to acclimate more, and then drop it to 68, but last night I decided to drop it a bit before bed, overshot it, and it’s 66 in here today. We don’t have a digital thermostat (it’s on my husband’s procrastination list), so it was hard to tell where exactly it was.

How am I doing? I was chilly when I got out of bed, but I bundled up as usual, and I’m doing fine. My feet are a little cold, but I haven’t pulled out the woolens today (that might have to change). I work today, so I have my Snuggie at the ready. We’ll see how it goes for the next week, as the outdoor temperature starts to drop.

The good news: It’s really only 4 months until spring. I can do anything for 4 months, right?

How low do you keep your thermostat?

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