Choose One Thing: Eat At Home


Choose One Thing

Making one change at a time is easier than trying to make a lot of changes all at once. 

Through the end of October, we have challenged ourselves not to have any instances of unplanned eating out.

We made it through this week without any unplanned eating out! The girls and I tried a frozen pizza Saturday night. It’s been many years since I had one, and it was not as good as I remembered. It did the trick though!

You may have noticed I bought some salty snacks this weekend during my grocery trip. If I crave something, it is salty, so I bought some chips. I know I’m supposed to be craving kale smoothies, but I’m afraid my body has never gotten with the program.

Yesterday was potentially rough, because I was working and my son had activities in the evening. I decided to pull a switcheroo and make my slow cooker baked beans yesterday instead of Monday. It was  there and ready for us at dinner time, no excuses, even when I had to work late.

Looking ahead, we don’t have any planned date nights in October, but we do have a trip to the Zoo and Cub Scout Spook-o-ree. We are planning on eating out after each event. Hopefully we can last the next 5 weeks without falling off the rails.

What do you make to eat at home in a pinch?

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