Choose One Thing: Eat At Home


Choose One Thing

This month we are working on eliminating one thing: unplanned meals out.

There were a couple times last week when we were deeply tempted. I worked very late Friday, and had a 7 PM massage therapy appointment. I almost caved, but I spent 30 minutes throwing together spaghetti with sauteed onion, zucchini, mushroom, and kidney beans.

On Saturday, we went to the Zoo, and I threw together PB & J, oranges, and water bottles so we wouldn’t be tempted at the Zoo. We planned ahead that we would buy Icees as a treat, and we did. My husband wanted to get pulled pork for lunch, and that was fine (we all have fun money to spend).

That evening, we went to my mother’s to bring some grandbaby snuggles, as she had been to a friend’s funeral that morning. We decided to bring dinner with us so she wouldn’t have to feed us, and picked up pizza. Totally worth it!

Looking ahead to this week, I work 2 days- yesterday and Friday. Yesterday I threw a meal into the slow cooker, and that covered us. Friday, I have a simple lentil and rice meal planned. If things get out of hand, we can throw spaghetti together or some eggs and toast. Saturday is eating in for the boys and the baby, and my daughter and I have a date at McDonalds after seeing a show. I have a coupon for a free Happy Meal when you buy an extra value meal.

We aren’t against small luxuries (within budget), but don’t want to blow it with constant temptations.

My homework for this week will be to research some vegetarian freezer meals, so I can have 1 or 2 as backup. Any suggestions?

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