Choose One Thing: Eat At Home


Choose One Thing

We have an eggplant meal in the freezer, but I’m not the one who made it. I have everything I’ll need for eggplant parm, but my mother surprised us by bringing over eggplant rolls today when she came to watch my girls for a few hours. Those are now in the freezer, and I am prepping eggplant parm for tonight.  I don’t have enough room in my freezer for another large dish.

The falafel is another story. I do have room for a bag of falafel, so I am soaking chickpeas as we speak, and will cook them in the slow cooker overnight, with plans to whip up a batch tomorrow.

I had planned on cooking all this week, but my sister has decided to come over and stay the weekend for Halloween. I am going to prep some homemade pizzas for Saturday night, but we will be driving south and picking her up right at dinner time on Friday. I am reorganizing my menu and will throw either a chili or a meat sauce for spaghetti in the slow cooker, so we are ready to roll when we get home.  Things may be afoot at work that may make me unable to continue working in the new year, and we want to hold on to every penny possible.

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