Choose One Thing: Eat At Home


Choose One Thing

Making one change at a time is easier than trying to make a lot of changes all at once. 

Everyone has their downfall, and for us it is the siren song of eating out. We are foodies, and like to try local restaurants rather than chains. Of course, who doesn’t like a hot pizza on a cold night, or some hot, crispy fries when you don’t feel like cooking?

We do go out on a date once every month or two, and are happy with that being in our plan.

We do not always do so well on busy weeknights, especially ones that are work days for me. My husband just does not like to cook.

We fell into the trap three times last week, and I have been brainstorming how to avoid it this week. We typically spend $25 each time, so three times in one week is crazy. Do this every week and it can add up to thousands over the course of a year.

I worked yesterday, and I ended up working late. We were tempted but opted for quick elbow macaroni with jarred sauce. Crisis averted for one night!

Next week, I am scheduled to work for one full day and one half day. I have decided to use a coupon to buy a frozen pizza, just in case. It is not something we have ever tried before (yep, my kids just outgrew dairy allergies, so we never had frozen pizza before), but we will pop one in the freezer for backup.

It takes more than a week to tweak a new habit, so through the end of October, we will be choosing this one thing to work on every week: no spur of the moment eating out!

Action plan for the week: pick up a frozen pizza.

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