Choose One Thing: Turn Down The Heat

Choose One Thing

We visited my in-laws over the Christmas break, and something rather surprising happened. For the first time in over 10 years of visiting them up in northern Ohio, I was not freezing my tuchus off. In fact, I was feeling pretty hot at night, and kicked off the comforter.

Usually, I am sporting multiple layers, including multiple layers of socks, and shivering under a blanket the entire visit. My in-laws are pretty frugal, and keep the heat setting in the 60s. My husband seems to think this is some kind of Christmas miracle, but I think it means that I have reset my internal thermostat and am now comfortable at a lower temperature.

As someone with arthritis who was contemplating moving somewhere warm and southern during retirement, this comes as great news. I did not think it was ever possible. I am finding that even at home, I am wearing a double layer rather than a triple layer, I am not needing my fingerless mitts, and I am getting too hot at night unless I turn down the heat below 70.

I know.

Maybe it is a Christmas miracle after all.


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