Choose One Thing: Turn Down The Heat


Choose One Thing

It is mid-January, and we are still cruising along with our heat challenge. We are keeping the heat set at 70 for the day and a little less at night. Temperatures are below freezing this week, and it is feeling colder in the house. I have broken out the extra layer and the fingerless mitts a couple times, but we have not raised the temperature. I am mostly acclimated to this new temperature.

We are finally seeing a reduction in our bill. Our bill was running at about $215 (gas and electric), and our most recent one was $165, a savings of $50. When I started this, I read that you typically save 5% off your bill for every degree you lower the temperature in your house. We lowered our temperature 5 degrees, from 75 to 70, and we saved about 24.5%, so that is very close to that figure.

We are now looking into a program our local electric company is offering called HoM. They will install a new digital thermostat that can be linked to our computer and phones, and we can control the temperature remotely. The trade off is that it is only free if we allow them to turn off the heat or air during a few peak hours a few days per year to help conserve energy. Some friends of ours have been doing it without issue. The typically number of days per year is 10, and it happens during the day.

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