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2015-12-03 21.04.24

We’re almost a month into my Turn Down The Heat challenge, and we are still hanging around temperature of 70 during the day. This week I spent my day off working on preparing to turn down the heat even more overnight.

A few years ago, before we were surprised by pregnancy #3, we were starting the process of a master bedroom redo. We bought the house in 2005, and never got around to painting. Our master bedroom has white walls and we were going to paint them blue. I made a Pinterest board with bedroom ideas, and I bought a down-free comforter plus a duvet cover from Ikea I found on clearance.

I didn’t even have time to wash them before I was felled by hyperemesis that lasted the next nine months, and went straight from that into that first year fog.  This week, after my new Land’s End flannels were delivered, I pulled those out of the basement and washed them.

We now have a mattress warmer, flannel sheets, and the down-free comforter with a pretty blue and white duvet cover. I have trialed it the past two nights and have gotten hot, which is nothing short of a miracle.

Next step: turning down the temperature to about 65 during the night. We shall see how this goes!

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