Feeding 5 for $100 per Week: 1st Week of May 2016

We are eating out of our pantry this week, so my total is quite low. We will probably be doing the same next week. We have loads of veggies, fruits, and meat/cheese to use up.

Kroger: $31.74

The bread was free and milk was cheaper here this week. Otherwise, just a few odds and ends.

2016-05-01 11.40.12

Aldi: $28.66

We didn’t grill out yesterday because of the rain, so we have a giant pack of hot dogs we need to use. My kids are delighted about the multiple hot dog meals this week. I will be having cheese sandwiches myself, because unless they are kosher all-beef, hot dogs squick me out.

2016-05-01 11.43.34

Edited: Stopped at Dorothy Lane on Monday to get yogurt, ice cream, honey for a sick kiddo and picked up some naughty things like fancy cookies, chips and dill pickle dip, and a new salad dressing.

D.L.: $38.39

This week’s total: $ 60.40  98.97

Running total: $60.40 98.97

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