Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 1st Week of September 2016

Kroger: $113.16

It’s Labor Day weekend, so that means crap foods like hot dogs, chips, crackers, and drinks are on sale. I sent most down to the stockpile, and I’m freezing some meat for later. That will get parsed out over the next three months. I let the kids keep one bag of chips and one Kool-aid each upstairs while they had friends over all afternoon, and it was 100% gone in 6 hours. That’s why I hide things in the basement! Our menu will still be beans, eggs, and cheese this week.

2016-09-03 13.29.56

Half my stockpile looks like juice and Goldfish crackers right now. Juice has been $1 each the past few weeks. Each jug has eight 8-ounce servings in it. I fill our Rubbermaid reusable juice boxes with half water and half juice, and that makes my cost $0.06 per serving. A 100% juice box is easily $0.45 per serving even on sale. We only allow those for field trips or a special day like today.

It seems crazy to spend $16 up front for 6 reusable juice boxes, but I send two drinks every school day for my older kids. I save $0.39 every time I send a reusable box with half water and half juice from one of those $1 jugs. That savings for my two kids is $0.78 per day, $3.90 per week, and $15.60 in one month. I recouped that cost in savings in 21 days! Every time you use them after recouping your cost, you are coming out ahead. The more kids you have, the faster you recoup that cost.

2016-09-03 13.30.02

Weekly total: $113.16

Running total: $113.16

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