Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 2nd Week of August 2016

Food gifted by my MIL: $0

This filled a large cooler plus 4-5 huge reusable shopping bags. My kids are excited because Grandma of course bought all of their favorites.

2016-08-07 16.32.00

More gifted food: $0

2016-08-07 16.41.53

Kroger: $76.86

I have plenty of peanut butter, but it was $0.88 per jar this week, so I grabbed another five. We easily go through a jar every week. I stopped buying waffles in mid-May, but school is starting for us this week and let’s face it, we will have a big readjustment in our future when we go back to getting up at the crack of dawn every day.

2016-08-07 21.27.39

Weekly total: $76.86

Running total: $151.51

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