Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 2nd Week of December 2016

Kroger: $99.53 (cost before rebates)


Ibotta: $7.25 (Try Ibotta and submit your first rebate within 2 weeks,and get $10 bonus cash back)

Checkout 51: $1.40

Saving Star: $1

I only got a few of the Kroger freebies loaded to my card, but my kids were very excited about those Dove ice cream treats. I picked up chips, granola bars, candy, and cookies to bring to family parties, school parties, and donate to PTO staff appreciation. I am donating napkins to a school party as well, but have plenty in my stockpile.

A few of the best deals I found:

Two boxes of Chex cereal for $0.25 each by combining sale, a coupon, $1 Ibotta rebate, and $1 Saving Star rebate. This same deal was available last week, so I was able to buy 4 boxes for $1!

A 4 oz. bag of Pirate’s Booty was on sale for $1.67 per bag, and there was a $1.50 Ibotta rebate, making it $0.17!

Peanut butter, 18 count eggs, and 5 lb bags of flour are $0.99 each. Peanut butter is a great donation item for food pantries.

Two packages of Oreos for $1.67 each. They were $2.99 each on sale, and I paired with a $1.25 ecoupon, $1.15 Checkout 51 rebate, and $0.25 Ibotta rebate.

This post contains referral and affiliate links. Thank you for supporting our family!

Weekly total: $99.53

Running total: $214.33


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2 thoughts on “Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 2nd Week of December 2016

  • Awesome job with the grocery shopping this week!!! My wife and I shop almost exclusively at Aldi. We were able to keep it under $70 last week, it’s really amazing how much healthy food you can buy cheaply 🙂

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