Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 3rd Week of November 2016

Kroger: $82.81

(Pending Ibotta rebate: $1.50. Here is how I use Ibotta to help boost my Roth IRA retirement savings.)

The mister was playing in a tournament yesterday and I had to hire a babysitter so I could hit the store quickly and do my grad school homework. We didn’t really need a lot, so I concentrated on using the 10 sale at Kroger to get things for the upcoming holidays. Now I need to hide those chips and fruit snacks in the basement!


Sam’s (not pictured): $40.23

The mister made a trip and bought Clif Builder Bars and bulk all purpose flour, sugar, and raisins. The last time we went to Sam’s was in February. We just haven’t been baking as much now that I’m not making our bread regularly. I may start up again when I am done with grad school.

Weekly total: $123.04

Running total: $339.03

This is a five week month, so we still have $161 to spend over two weeks.

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