Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 4th Week of August 2016

This is a five week month to us budget-wise, so we still have one more week to go after this one!


I hit a few things on the clearance rack. I am planning on making mushroom stock and vegetable stock to freeze this week. My brother is a chef and gave me his recipe. I’m also trying some yummy-sounding new vegetarian recipes this week and I had to buy some fancy-pants Manchego cheese. It was $6!

And yes, I learned my lesson. I restocked the emergency pizza.

2016-08-20 11.49.18

Now that school has started, I am going to go through a lot of apple juice. I prefer to buy in large containers and refill our reusable juice boxes. We bought a 6-pack of these reusable Rubbermaid juice boxes two years ago and they have survived being used and run through the dishwasher 5 days a week for two years. Kroger is selling apple juice for $1 each again this week, so I grabbed five more for our stockpile.

My husband only drinks soy milk, and it is usually $2.19 each or more. I grabbed all seven of these soy mils from the clearance rack for $1.39 each!

2016-08-20 11.49.25

Weekly total: $125.22

Running total: $407.82

Next week’s goal: Keep it to $92.18 or less.

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