Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 4th Week of July 2016

Kroger Run #1: $83.43

We will be feeding an extra two people this week. My friend’s daughters are going to be staying with us Monday night through Saturday morning while they babysit my brood Tuesday through Friday (they are an hour south of us, so it makes for less driving).  They requested a few things to eat, including cookies, mac n cheese, my lentil Cincinnati style chili, and some snacks, so there are a few things in there I don’t usually buy. My kids have never had boxed mac n cheese, so it will be interesting to see what they think of that. Mac n cheese is usually considered something all kids love, but I have learned with my kids that they prefer the fresh and homemade stuff I have always given them- unless it’s a Goldfish cracker.

2016-07-23 21.30.34

Kroger Run #2: $40

My husband was “helpful” and picked up soy milk, beer, and Clif bars

Amazon Subscribe and Save Order:$52.81

Tea, Clif bars, Kind Bars, Bob’s Red Mill Pancake Mix

Weekly Total: $176.24

End of Month Total: $413.24

A little over this month thanks to my husband’s trip, but not too bad.

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