Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: Last Week of October 2016


Aldi: $41.00

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We went to a festival yesterday and I had to shop afterwards. It was almost 8 pm, I was starving, and we considered eating out, but instead I bought tots and chicken at Aldi. We’re going to call that a frugal win. Just pretend you don’t see those cheesy poofs and squeeze cheese, which will probably end up in the garbage. Pro tip: eat before shopping. Also, some things don’t taste as good as you remember as a kid.


Kroger: $88.24

I submitted for $6.25 in Ibotta rebates (referral link). I don’t go out of my way to get things that get a rebate, but buy the things I usually need and submit for a rebate if one matches. They have rebates for milk, bread, fruits, and vegetables that are not brand-specific, so you don’t just need to buy processed stuff to get cash back.

Butter was on sale and there was a digital coupon that could be used 5 times. That made it $2/lb. this week, which is my stock-up price. I bake from scratch, and this may last me all winter. Did you know you can freeze butter?

I also took advantage of a sale and Mega Event savings, $3 coupon, and $4 Ibotta rebate on Pediasure. If you’ve been reading a while, you know we have to send one to school for one of the kiddos as part of an eating plan. Some weeks we are a great eater and it doesn’t get used, and some weeks it’s used all five days. $8.24 per six pack was too good a price.

Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? It was a tip from one of the members of what I think is the best frugal-living forum on Facebook, the Non-Consumer Advocate forum.  Our 2 year old scribbled all over the walls with pencil and colored pencil, and that stuff would not wipe off. I thought we would have to repaint. With no effort whatsoever, the Magic Eraser took it off immediately. It also got sticky gummy stuff off my hardwood floors, and thoroughly cleaned the tough to clean grout and shower doors. Kroger had a coupon this week and there was a coupons.com printable.


Weekly total: $129.24 (before rebate)

End of month total: $402.82 (before rebate)

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2 thoughts on “Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: Last Week of October 2016

  • I linked up to you using ibotta! I haven’t tried it yet, but you haven’t lead me astray before, so here I go!

    • Awesome!It’s so easy: activate a rebate, scan the barcode with your phone,and take a picture of receipt to submit. There was an extra weekend bonus this past weekend and I ended up getting it. Keep an eye out for those as well.

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