Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week:1st Week of November 2016

Walmart: $16.39

My son and I made a field trip to Walmart to get things for a school project and for me to check prices for some future frugal menu plans. I was thrilled to see their grits were cheaper than Kroger’s (I love me some cheese grits!) and instant mashed potatoes were only $1. No, we don’t eat those. They are handy to have around when you put too much milk in mashed potatoes and need to fix them. I had a coupon for Capri Sun and am all set for our girl scout troop snacks this month.


Kroger: $70.46

It’s a beer week, so my costs are a little higher. We have $18 left in our month’s entertainment fund and we wanted pizza on Halloween night for the five of us plus my mother and sister, so we opted to use it for some frozen pizzas for $11.


Aldi: $45.03

Those mandarins will be turned into little “pumpkins” with celery stems for my daughter’s class Halloween party.


Weekly total: $120.88

(total after subtracting $11 for pizza from entertainment budget)

End of month total: $120.88

(No Ibotta rebates this week, but I earned $13 last week. If you want to try through my referral link, you will get $10 cash back after submitting your first rebate.)



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