Feeding 5 for $100 /Week: 2nd Week of May 2016

Dorothy Lane: $31.71

It’s Mother’s Day, so we picked up some things to bring to Grandma’s and nosh. The mister and I split a strawberry shortcake, because the kids were at Grandma’s overnight so we could have a little time alone for our anniversary, and our youngest has a strawberry allergy. We get to sneak in some strawberry indulgences only a couple times per year.

2016-05-08 12.20.10

Aldi: $ 28.09

Nothing exciting here. Our Aldi had most of the breads marked down to $0.70 each though.

2016-05-08 12.23.13

Kroger: $ 51.89

$7 of that was for pull-ups. The carrots were free. I bought Fruit Loops, I know. We are stuck in the house part of this week, so we will be doing some fine motor activities stringing fruit loops, gluing them to paper, etc.
2016-05-08 12.27.35

This week’s total: $111.69

Running total: $210.66

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