Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 1st Week of April 2017

Green Bean Delivery: $82.86

Grandma was here when it was delivered and put everything away for me. We got 4 half-gallons of organic local milk that comes in glass bottles, 2 12-oz slabs of uncured bacon, mushrooms,cabbage, red and yellow onions, green beans, kiwi, apples, carrots, lettuce, mandarin oranges, and two pints of cherry tomatoes.

Sam’s: $96.76

We only hit Sam’s every 6-8 months, and mostly get staples. Buying flour, sugar, cocoa, spices, and dried beans in bulk and storing them in food storage bins is how we keep our grocery budget lower. Last year, Sam’s started stocking bulk pinto beans, and now they are stocking dried black beans. It’s way cheaper than buying it by the pound. I find it’s cheaper to buy spices in bulk that we use frequently, so I buy bulk Lawry’s, cinnamon, cumin, pepper, and taco seasoning. I’m responsible for Girl Scout snacks this week, so I bought chips and applesauce. We have 20 girls in our troop. The extras I will keep for our family’s summer field trips.

Kroger: $59.92

This will leave us about $260.46 for the month. Let’s just say,  we’ll be doing a lot of rice and beans and other vegetarian meals this month.

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $239.54

Running total: $239.54

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One thought on “Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 1st Week of April 2017

  • Not sure if you did the math on it, but I noticed the Tone’s Taco Seasoning was more expensive than buying the pre-measured packs at our local Sam’s. Convenience and storage space are important too, but… on pure price, you might check.

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