Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 1st Week of January 2017

First off, did anyone notice anything different?

We are near the end of my two-year graduate school journey and I pay my last tuition in March. We have everything we need to pay it so we are starting 2017 with some new goals. Because we aren’t worried about paying for my master’s in nursing we’re going to be a little more expansive in our grocery budget.

Our new $125 budget it still much thriftier than average, but will allow us to buy higher quality local meat and eggs, and possibly organic dairy.

This week we’ve had to buy water (the reverse osmosis filter is on the fritz again) , soup, and extra juices. We have another norovirus running through the family:(. I bought juice boxes on sale for the girls’ combined birthday party in February.

Kroger: $ 123.38

Anticipated Ibotta rebate: $5 (Sign up through my referral link and submit a rebate within 2 weeks to get a bonus $10 cash back.

Monthly goal: $500

Running total: $123.38

Monthly total: $123.38

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