Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 2nd Week of February 2017

Meijer: $24.55

The mister stopped and bought two cases of water because the reverse osmosis is still on the fritz, some beer, and a few frozen cheese pizzas on sale.

Kroger: $99.91

Rebates: $4 from Ibotta, $1 from Checkout 51, and $0.25 from Saving Star. If you want to try Ibotta, you’ll get $10 cash back when you submit your first rebate. I am getting close to getting $6 in February bonuses for Ibotta too.

One daughter was born in January and one was born in February. We usually have the combined party in February and it tends to hit around the Superbowl. That means party foods are at their lowest. As a bonus, many of these same party foods will earn cash back through grocery apps. A lot of what you see is for next Saturday’s party, and we are eating from the pantry.

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $124.46

Running total: $247.72

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