Feeding 5 For $150 Per Week: 1st Week of May 2017

Green Bean Delivery: $55.87

Those half-gallons of milk are pricey at over $6 each, but that includes a $2 bottle deposit for each one. Having it delivered is so helpful, because I can just chuck the empty bottles in my delivery box and the cost of the deposit is deducted from my next week’s order. When we tried buying the milk from Kroger, we always forgot to schlep the heavy bottles back to the store,and honestly were less inclined to do so because it meant an extra wait at the service desk to return them.

Kroger: $40.13

Just ignore the diapers. The $8.50 for those came out of our household budget, which has thankfully shrunk since we potty-trained the youngest. We’re still not brave enough to let her fly swim diaper free in the community pool however. Hopefully this is our last year of buying any kind of diaper?

We don’t often buy single-serve snacks and drinks,but my son has a field trip this week to the Zoo, so I let him have a special treat.

Aldi: $33.92

In playing around with our new expanded grocery budget, I have learned that I really have to go to Aldi and Kroger every week in order to stay within budget. With only about 4 weeks of grad school work to go, this will rapidly become more easy to do every week. Every time I skipped the longer drive to Aldi, my costs jacked up.

Ele Bakery: $15

This week’s extravagance was to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. I spent all day (and was up until 1 am) doing grad school homework, so no time to play around with baking.

When I was pregnant with our 6 year old daughter, my coworkers threw me a shower and bought cupcakes from this bakery. They were some of the best I have ever had in my life, and The Mister has never lived down gobbling the three leftover cupcakes I brought home without leaving one for his pregnant wife. You know a cupcake is good when a man cupcake-blocks his own pregnant wife!

Monthly goal: $600

Weekly total: $144.92

Running total: $144.92


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