Feeding 5 For $150 Per Week: 1st Week of October 2017

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You may have noticed I didn’t post this much the past month. We were within our budget for September-and even a bit below it- but I didn’t get around to posting.  We started the month with bad news, two stomach viruses,  a cold that circulated through all 5 of us, a rough start to the school year for one kiddo, and I was working as many hours as I could.

The good thing is, I always use cash when I go shopping, so even when we are just surviving, I am still sticking to my grocery budget.

It’s a new month and here we are, ready to start off on the right foot!

Dorothy Lane Market: $98.40

Yep, lots of comfort food.

Kroger: $45.89

Since the transition from summer to school is over,we are back to drinking juice in our Rubbermaid Reusable Juice Boxes. I bought a 6-pack when my son started 1st grade. Here we are at the start of 4th grade and they are still working great with no leaks!

Our son likes water in his juice box, but our daughter likes half water and half apple juice. I buy a ton of apple juice when I can get it for $1/each. That makes each juice box drink mere pennies each day.

Monthly Goal: $600.00

Weekly Total: $144.29

Running Total: $144.29

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