Feeding 5 for $150 Per Week: 3rd Week of July 2017

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Food from my in-laws: Free

We drove 5 hours north to visit my in-laws in Cleveland this past weekend, and as usual, my mother-in-law bought boatloads of food for the grandkids and sent it all home with us. We are very appreciative!

Amazon: $14.99 (and got a $14.99 credit back)

Amazon is running a promotion where you pay $14.99 to get a household essentials sample pack and get a $14.99 credit back to spend on those same household essentials. I ordered a 12-pack of Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and my credit plus part of a gift card meant it was $0 out of pocket.

If you like this idea, they have a few more similar ones, such as the Crest White Strips sample pack for $4.99 ($4.99 credit back), K-Cup sample pack for $7.99 (get $7.99 credit back), or the men’s grooming sample box for $9.99 with Gillette razor (get $9.99 back).

Kroger: $58.04

I pulled together my Clicklist on my phone while we were out of town and set the pickup for this evening. I mostly took advantage of the stock-up prices on apple juice, peanut butter,and butter,since my stockpile is getting a little low. I prefer to buy apple juice when it is $1 to $1.50, peanut butter when it is $1 or less, and butter when it is $2.50 per pound or less. I am just about out of all the butter I bought and froze around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

They sent us home with free Reese’s peanut butter cups and a Hershey bar tonight. I also completed the email survey for a bonus 50 fuel points.

Green Bean Delivery: $66.95 after bottle return credits.

I wasn’t planning on buying so much this week, but I got a $5 off our next order coupon if I spent $70, so I got some bison stew meat and my favorite Smoking Goose Uncured Bacon.  We also tried the eleven-grain bread from a local Cincinnati baker called Sixteen Bricks. It was so good and I am getting it again for sure!

Monthly goal: $600

Weekly total: $139.98

Running total: $350.12

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