Feeding 5 For $150 per Week: 3rd Week of June 2017

Walmart: $72.28

Green Bean: $ 44.67

Monthly goal: $600

Weekly total: $116.95

Running total: $356.94

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2 thoughts on “Feeding 5 For $150 per Week: 3rd Week of June 2017

  • I so need to get back on track with my food spending! When things get busy, eating out is the culprit for my family. May need to do a weekly track like yourself.

    Do I spy makings for eggplant Parmesan? 🙂
    150/wk for 5 is impressive.

    • I will be honest, if I don’t track myself every week, I would overspend by a huge amount. I also carry cash with me to pay for my groceries. My lunch this week will be a stovetop eggplant parm breaded with gluten free flour and parm. It’s one of my favorite Platejoy recipes.

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