Feeding 5 for $150 per Week: 3rd Week of November 2017

Kroger: $95.84

I got some freebies for using Clicklist, including soy ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and Eggos. I promised 4 pies for the preschool Thanksgiving, so I picked up frozen ones. I’m trying to get work hours in, so too busy to hours of baking!

Green Bean Delivery: $66.80

Monthly Goal: $600.00

Weekly Total: $162.64

Running Total: $500.80

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4 thoughts on “Feeding 5 for $150 per Week: 3rd Week of November 2017

  • I just went to the grocery store. My sweet wife is out of town for a few days so I thought, steak night! I bought the smallest ribeye they had, nothing else, and it was over $13! Now I will get three servings from it, but still, Yikes! I obviously lack your budgeting and planning skills.

    • I try and estimate the costs of everything on my grocery list so I can change or substitute a meal idea if necessary. I bought expensive local grass fed stew meat,burgers, and apple cider from Green Bean this week, but adjusted the rest to stay relatively within my budget.

  • This is great! Thank you for sharing. We are basically trying to do the same thing but for only two adults and struggling greatly. Our goal for November was $150 per week and we are barely keeping up. It sure beats the $1000+ we spent last month on food. I couldn’t imagine how hard it must be for 5! Take care, and good luck for the rest of the month!

    • Pre-kids, we would spend about $50/week on food. We are pretty much vegetarian for all breakfasts and lunches and for several dinners a week, and that cuts down on food costs. We also almost exclusively eat oatmeal or toast for breakfast and PB & J for lunch.

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