Feeding 5 For $150 Per Week: 4th Week of June 2017

Kroger #1: $69.07

I did lots of couponing this week thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady. Those Hefty slider bags were $0.49 each.

Aldi/Meijer: $43.51

Mom stopped at Meijer for me and got 7 Prego sauces and 4 bags of Nestle chips for $10.

Kroger #2: $79.65

This was to stock up on specific things for vacation. My little helper insisted on being a part of the picture.

Green Bean: $51.61

Set it up and forgot to take a picture, but we got bison, chicken, Hartzler Dairy milk, and some veggies.

Betcha’ thought we would go over budget for the month after hitting four stores this week;)!

Monthly goal: $600

Weekly total: $243.84

End of month total: $600.78

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4 thoughts on “Feeding 5 For $150 Per Week: 4th Week of June 2017

  • Haha. just about to tip the scale over. Nice job staying in budget!
    I spy makings for s’mores! Have a great vacation.

    • Yep! I am planning on trying these campfire cone s’mores I saw someone post on a Facebook Girl Scout page: http://www.centercutcook.com/campfire-cones/

      • Thanks for the link. I saw a similar recipe but they used the waffle cones. giving it a bit more room to scoop out the deliciousness!

        I almost put those on my menu plan for camping. but went with the banana boats. Same fillings. Mine combo would be some chocolate chips, lots of peanut butter chips and a little marshmallow…. Yum!

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