Forty Goals For 2017


Am I the only one who loves making lists and plotting out a budget? The beginning of the year is an especially delightful time for me, because I can see where our goals hit and where we get to take them this year.

When you make your plan every day, every week, and every month, you are more likely to hit those big yearly goals. The key is to make them realistic and part of your habits. Write down what you would like to achieve this year and then do yourself a favor and rewrite, dialing each goal down a notch.

I don’t dread the end of the year because I know that for the most part I’m going to be high-fiving myself. 

My High-Fives for 2016

  1. I stopped drinking tea with sugar or honey. I really thought I would never get used to it, but I did! I only use honey now when I have a sore throat.
  2. My cholesterol labs were normal for the first time in my entire adult life. Even when I was a skinny 20 year old vegetarian, they were whacked out. We switched to grass-fed meat and eggs, I added chia seeds to my diet, popped fish oil, and dropped fast food to once a month at most. Boom! All normal.
  3. I worked up to being able to plank for 30 seconds. I couldn’t even get into the position laying flat on the ground when I started. After 3 c-sections and a gallbladder surgery in the past 9 years, I never thought I would get strength back.
  4. I won a $2500 scholarship! I applied for over 20 scholarships and won one of them.
  5. I maintained a 3.8 in grad school while working and managing our children.
  6. I got life insurance.
  7. I helped write two chapters of a textbook.
  8. The mister and I maxed our Roth IRAs.
  9. We paid cash for my graduate school tuition.
  10. We have a new roof.
  11. I got an Indiana nursing license.
  12. We finally got away by ourselves to a Star Trek convention and met William Shatner.
  13. I doubled my daily blog hits.

As we enter 2017, here are my Big Forty, 10 goals for each area of my life. 


  1. Max Roth IRAs for the mister and I: $11000
  2. Cash flow 4 months of swim lessons at Aquatots for our son and older daughter: $1200
  3. Save $3000 for HVAC replacement
  4. Save $4000 towards the mister’s car replacement fund (we want to pay cash instead of financing)
  5. Save $1050 for Christmas ($85 per month)
  6. Save $1800 for outdoor playset
  7. Save $750 towards next year’s 2018 family vacation and $ 750 towards my 2018 40th birthday trip ($125/month). Because my grad program has been stretched out to July and the mister is saving his vacation days to help out if a family member needs surgery, we will only be going to Cleveland to see family this year.
  8. Spend $500/mo on groceries and no more than 100/mo on entertainment
  9. Finally roll over one of my 401Ks. I know where I am putting it, I just have procrastinated.
  10. Give: 5 volunteer hours and at least $50/month. Since I am a Girl Scout leader and am starting up a parent affiliate of our state’s gifted children association , those volunteer hours are going to be easy.


  1. Complete my master’s degree! I cannot wait to be done.
  2. One date per month with the mister.
  3. Read 1 book/month. Let’s face it, with school going on for half the year, anything more is unrealistic.
  4. Monthly me-time with friends. This is a mental health necessity.
  5. Complete one freelance submission. Once school is over, I want to write for me again.
  6. Finish the afghan languishing in the closet. I started it when the boy was still baking in the oven. He turns 9 in May. I have a month-long break in March and I plan to watch copious Netflix and crochet.
  7. Learn how to set up my sewing machine and complete one simple project. I bought this adorably retro Singer Sewing Machine on Black Friday and this beauty is getting used. I have Girl Scout patches to sew, but I also want to try something super simple like a hot rice bag. Ultimately I’d like to make my own period costume, like the ones in my DIY Sewing Pinterest board. 
  8. Conquer iced cookies and icing a cake. I am going to try this Octonauts cake in February.
  9. Drink 64 ounces water daily.
  10. Survive my practicum without eating fast food. I’m a stress eater, and one of my clinical sites is an hour away. Another clinical is a 4 hour long class. This will take some planning.


  1. Visit family in Cleveland
  2. Weekly 1:1 time with each child
  3. Sell my son’s old clothes
  4. Complete kitchen counter clear-off to prepare for a fish tank. We have a high counter that separates our kitchen and sun room. It is basically a hot spot for collecting junk we don’t want the toddler to get. A fish tank will keep us from dumping things there again.
  5. Clear out our study corner hot spot. We have quite the pile on and around our bookcase in our study, including my son’s old coats that need to be sold. I figure I can commit to clearing out a corner and won’t be so overwhelmed that I will procrastinate and never do it.
  6. Get the toddler potty trained! Seriously, we are ready to be a diaper-free household.
  7. Hang pictures in front hallway. I have all these original sci-fi pictures that need to be hung yesterday.
  8. Plant front yard tree. Since the tree fell on our house, the front of the house gets broiled by the sun in the afternoon. We really need to get a tree in there this spring. 
  9. Paint half bath. We have always hated the color. Eleven years later and we still haven’t painted. Once I finish school, this is on my agenda.
  10. Visit 6 different parks. We have so many great and free places to go here. We need to take advantage of them.


  1. Complete Etsy Essentials and Brilliant Pins courses. I have done some but not all of them. Since I took Brilliant Pins, my Pinterest followers have doubled.
  2. Start posting regularly on my Best Geeky Baby Names site. It’s the website I wish existed when I was pregnant.
  3. Purchase the virtual real estate for the other four sites I want to create.
  4. Incorporate as an LLC.
  5. Explore affiliates for my sites.
  6. Double my daily traffic for Frugal Stepping Stones.
  7. Start a monthly newsletter.
  8. Expand my Emergency Menu Plans by one new plan each month this year.
  9. Do one guest post
  10. Interview one person for the blog

What are your goals this year?

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