Frugal Crafts For Kids: Make Your Own Fairy House



Our 5 year old daughter Miss E is super artsy, and can spend hours every day coloring, drawing, cutting, pasting, weaving, and creating. We are happy to indulge her love of making things as long as it doesn’t translate into being spendy. She is usually happy with a blank artist’s notebook and drawing materials, but she does like to get more crafty sometimes.

We have three fairies made of felt, thread, and bobbie pins, and she felt they needed a home. We saw a kid’s craft episode on PBS where they made a fairy house out of an oatmeal container, and she waited patiently for a couple weeks until we finished off our giant container from Aldi.

We started by scrounging in the yard for some bark. Our sycamore tree had naturally peeling bark, so we gathered some from the ground.

2016-06-20 12.44.53

We used our giant 32 oz. oatmeal container, but a smaller one should work just as well.

2016-06-20 12.44.57

We peeled off the label, cut about 3 inches off the height, and then cut out a door. We left a piece of the door attached at the hinge.

2016-06-20 12.48.06

All we had on-hand was Elmer’s glue, Scotch tape, and paste. We tried gluing the bark pieces on with Elmer’s, but it was just too heavy for the glue. A couple pieces were thin enough to stick though. I think something a little more tacky and strong is necessary if your bark is thick.

2016-06-20 12.48.41

I brainstormed for a roof idea. I pulled an old cereal box out of the recycling and scrounged some wrapping paper that was already used and hanging around in my gift wrap stockpile. (We don’t tear off wrapping paper in our house. We carefully remove it, smooth it out, and reuse.)

2016-06-20 13.01.41

I used a large bowl from our salad spinner to trace a circle on the cereal box.

2016-06-20 13.06.18

I cut a little pie-shaped wedge to make sure our roof made a nice cone shape.

2016-06-20 13.07.32

I used the same bowl to cut a circle from the wrapping paper. I then pasted the wrapping paper atop the cardboard circle, and glued the end of the circle together to make a roof.

2016-06-20 13.12.13

We scrounged for some more natural materials in the yard. We found dried pine needles, seeds, flowers, and some huge leaves from our hollyhocks.

2016-06-20 13.23.06

We used glue and paste to cover the container with our treasures from the yard, including a seed we used for our chimney.

2016-06-20 14.00.33

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