Frugal Step: Grocery Budget 10/18/15


Feed 5 for $100week

Kroger, trip 1: My husband did it again- bought a ton of Clif Bars and soy milk- $64 worth! He is training for an athletic tournament though, and our consumption has gone up.

Kroger trip #2: $ 26.73

No picture. I had just enough time to drop everything in the kitchen and ask my husband to put it away and then run out the door with my 4 year old for our trip to the theater. It was mostly fruit, lentils, and a couple staples I couldn’t get at Aldi.

Aldi: $45.43

2015-10-15 12.55.38

Total for this week: $136.16

This might be the first month in a long time my average goes over $100/week. Stay tuned….

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