Frugal Step: Grocery Budget 1st Week of December


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This is what a mad dash to Kroger late in the evening the day before Thanksgiving looks like. It was 8 PM, and I still had three pies, a huge vat of German potato salad, and a meatloaf to make.

2015-11-25 19.32.32

Kroger total: $115.99, and I have submitted for a $2.50 Ibotta rebate.

In that total, only $81.77 is food for my household. I spent $34.22 on food for my father. My parents are divorced and my father’s cooking skills are such that he can microwave food, make a sandwich, or make eggs and spaghetti. He often eats out or eats food from the deli section of the grocery store.

My sisters and I met him at Bob Evans for Thanksgiving lunch, but I brought some groceries and some home-cooked food to last him the week. I made a huge loaf of my meatloaf (his favorite), German potato salad like our German grandmother used to make, rolls, and a homemade pumpkin pie.

$81.77 is pretty good for a week. I think we should be able to stick to $400 for the month even without considering that $34 as part of the “gifts” budget. December means parties and feasts, and that usually means lots of leftovers to bring home.

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