Frugal Step: Grocery Budget 2nd Week of December


Feed 5 for $100week

Kroger trip:

$119.91 (not pictured- three gallons of milk)

I had to stock up on Clif Builder Bars and coffee for my husband this week, so the total is a little more than usual. Plus I bought a pound of grass-fed hippie beef, which of course was $8 a pound. Ouch! This is why we eat vegetarian most of the time. Even the increasing price of lentils at $1.69/pound is more bang for our buck.

Next week, I work three days, and the person I am covering for tends to have a super busy assignment, so I bought three lighter calorie frozen meals to get me through in case I need it. We’ll see how that strategy works.

2015-12-02 10.28.26

My strategy for next week will be to use the $75 gift card I earned from the 2020 Research study I did to cover groceries for the week.

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