Frugal Step: Grocery Budget 3rd Week of December


Feed 5 for $100week

Kroger: $119.82

Well, I tried! I just couldn’t stick to $75 and get what we needed. We were out of beer, and I couldn’t let my poor husband go without some Redd’s. We have colds and sore throats floating around the house, and were out of honey, so I stocked up on a big mason jar of honey from a local beekeeper. Would you believe the beer, honey, and a box of Clif bars were enough to bring me over $100?

2015-12-09 10.50.08

Wednesday is my last shopping day of the month, since the week of Christmas will mean no cooking for me, and a whirl of family visits. I already have this week plotted out, and I think I will hit around $80.

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