Frugal Step: Grocery Budget October 2015


Feed 5 for $100week

I was on Weight Watchers 7 years ago, after I had the first of my three kids. I just re-signed with their online program this week. My challenge this week was to keep around my $100 budget and have everything I need to stay within the PointsPlus program. 

Luckily, there were no huge changes needed. I bought a few extra fresh veggies to graze on during the day, and a couple snacks to satisfy my salt and chocolate cravings without too many points. My typical vegetarian/vegan fare fits right in, and you’ll see in my menu tomorrow, it is pretty much my usual dinner recipes, with lentils and rice the backbone of my week. Mindless grazing, baking cookies, and lots of tea with sugar tends to be my downfall.

Aldi: $52.28

2015-10-03 14.59.47

Kroger: $55.73

2015-10-03 15.12.36

Total: $108.01

As long as my average over the next four weeks is about $100/week, we are good. Tune in next week!

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