Frugal Step: Grocery Budget September 2015



Feed 5 for $100week

My plan for this week was to spend $111 or less in order to keep my average for the month at $100/week or less.



I bought snacks (unusual for us), beer, and pork chops and ground beef. The beef was on the clearance section, and I froze it for later.
2015-09-25 11.43.23



I will have a heavy schoolwork load this week and next. I am fortifying myself with caffeine (hence the Coke), and bought a few boxes of cereal. I figure we will have at least one “cereal night” this week.






2015-09-26 15.05.53

Total for week:


This brings me to $494.98 for the month, or slightly under the $100/week. Woot!

October is a normal 4-week month, so our goal will be $400 as usual.

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