Frugal Step: Grocery Budget Week of October 25


Feed 5 for $100week

Kroger trip #1: $25

The husband picked up clearance soy milk, bread, and Clif bars.

Aldi: $42

Yes, that is “square bread” you see. It’s 40 calorie light bread that is only 1 Weight Watcher Point. For the moment, I plan on buying it rather than baking, because it’s helping me with my weight loss goals. My homemade bread is 4 points per slice!

2015-10-24 18.29.34

Kroger Trip #2: $75.95

I bought several boxes of cereal for my son, clementines for his school Halloween party to make these, and Pediasure and Ensure. The Oreos were free.

2015-10-25 09.43.39

Total: $142.95

Totals for the month:

$136.16+ 142.95+$109.14+$108.01= $496.26

Oh yes, over $100 more than I planned, and we are eating vegetarian nearly every day of the week.  Because I keep receipts, I can see what we spent that extra $104 on: Clif bars, Ensure, and Pediasure, plus we have been trying a few things to try and tempt our son to eat (cereal is one of the few things we can get him to eat.)

Our oldest has a medical issue that is interfering with weight gain and growth, and we have had weight loss this year. Homemade smoothies did not cut it (he would not drink them), but these other things are working better. This month, because his front teeth are almost ready to be donated to the tooth fairy, we have had a backslide in eating, and have had to buy liquid supplements. If you have ever tried these, they are not always tasty, and the store brand was a hearty “no”. I have found a few coupons and Subscribe and Save deals, but these are all expensive, easily $1-2 per serving. If we cover 3-4 servings per day on a rough day, that could be the same that I spend for the rest of the family in food for that day.

We are considering this a medical expense, and it will probably raise things in the short term, at least until the old teeth are out and the new ones in. In the meantime, I am offering some tempting favorite foods, even if they cost more, and the rest of us  will stick to our usual: lots of lentils and rice and veggies.

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