Frugal Step: Grocery Trip 2nd Week of January


2016-01-09 19.31.32

Kroger Trip: $111.03

I hit the store after being in another city all day. I was so exhausted I left my Kroger card in the car, so this doesn’t include any digital coupons or Plus card discounts.  Not too shabby considering that.  There will be lots of vegetarian meals on the menu again this week.

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Step: Grocery Trip 2nd Week of January

  • So, for a long time I’ve been pondering how I would do with your challenge to pay only $125 per week for groceries.

    There are differences… you have a family of five, while we are only four (so I should be paying less). The exchange rate affects our food prices as much of our produce is imported from the US or Mexico through most of the year. The difference in how couponing works here (coupons are few and far between, and usually only for cleaning products and overly processed foods that I would never buy. I do watch for the few that I can actually utilize). And the reality of higher prices for everything in Canada (massive distances for food to be shipped makes some things exorbitantly expensive).

    I went shopping today, and including buying some vitamins, a couple of small Rubbermaid totes for storage, dish soap, garbage bags, frozen tilapia and salmon fillets (not on the menu, but on sale) and a box of frozen taquitos (a total indulgence), my grocery bill came to $215 ($152ish US dollars). I had $40 worth of points (digital savings), so that brought my total down to $175, which is pretty close to $125 with the current exchange rate.

    The point of my ramble… For a long time I have thought that there was no way that I could feed my family on $125 US dollars a week. But I’m happy with what I managed this week. There is a strong likelihood that I will have to buy milk later in the week, and probably some bread, but I’m pleasantly surprised at this initial success.

    • That is awesome! I used to spend as little as $50/week back when there were 3 of us and I couponed heavily, but we have since moved completely away from buying junky processed food and I use coupons very little or not at all. My coupons are mostly used at the pharmacy CVS for hygiene items and over the counter medications or cleaning supplies. My biggest strategies are to buy what’s on sale, eat meatless meals, and make things from scratch.

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