Frugal Step: Grocery Trip 5th Week of December


Feed 5 for $100week

2015-12-27 19.15.22

Kroger trip: $ 129.78

It slipped my mind that there are 5 weeks in this month, so this is actually still part of December.  We were visiting family, and did not end up bringing home many leftovers other than a few oranges, some blueberries, and half a gallon of chocolate milk.

We were starting from some pretty bare cabinets, and my husband wanted beer, so we are over $100 for the week. I haven’t yet submitted for any Ibotta rebates, so it may shrink a bit.

We decided to start buying organic milk again, which is pricey, at over $6 per gallon, over twice as much per gallon as regular. I also bought extra food, including a few frozen pizzas, since we will be out on New Year’s Eve and wanted the babysitters and kids to have a nice dinner. We spent less than takeout, so I’m calling it a win. I also cleaned the junk out of my cabinets and am donating it to the babysitters, so I bought a few things to replace them that were far healthier.

If you remember from last week, this was my monthly total: $81.77+$119.91+$119.82+ $81.02= $402.52 for December.

Adding in this week, $129.78, brings us to $532.30. This is $30 over what should be $500 for the month, but could be much worse, considering the holidays.

Next week is both a new week and a new year, so we will hit the ground running on our 2016 goals!

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