Frugal Step: Grocery Trips 3rd Week of February


Dorothy Lane, trip #1: $46.61

No picture, but I got veggie burgers, some meats, veggies, and a few Kind Bars.

Dorothy Lane, trip #2: $0 thanks to my in-laws

We were hit with a horrible stomach bug this weekend, and my in-laws stayed and watched the kids and ran to Dorothy Lane to get supplies. They bought several loaves of bread, saltines, chicken soup, Sprite, plus hot dogs and buns, tater tots, and some treats for the unaffected children. They also mistakenly bought 12 bottles of Pediasure instead of Pedialyte, however one of our kids is prescribed Pediasure, so we are keeping it.

Aldi: $38.08

2016-02-12 18.38.29

Kroger: $9.34. That chocolate bar was free!

2016-02-12 18.42.40

If you remember, I am trying to keep my monthly average between $400-425 thanks to a Sam’s stock-up. Last week’s running total was $257.61.

I spent $94.03 this week, which brings my running total to $351.64. That gives me $48.36-$73.36 to spend next week. Because we have been sick, I have not made anything I planned for dinner this weekend, and my fridge is overflowing. I’m not sure how much we will be able to eat this week, as we continue to recover, so I don’t think we will have much trouble hitting that. It will be an “eat from the pantry” kind of week next week.

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