Frugal Step: Grocery Trips 3rd Week of January


In a month, we will be having a combined birthday party for both of our girls. (Baby girl is 2 today.) I am starting to grab a few things each week to cover the party food. I probably could have spent less this week, but am opting to fit the party budget in each week over the next few weeks.


I haven’t been driving there recently, but I only had one project due this weekend, and had to go to Sally Beauty Supply next to Aldi to get some cheap $0.99 nail polish for our party activities.

Total: 40.72. These are just staples for us.
2016-01-16 14.03.13


I’ve been taking advantage of this week’s daily free download. I missed the Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese (d’oh!), but I got the free popcorn, Yoplait, and Butterfinger. The candy will be saved for a treat for the older kids, and the popcorn is set aside for the party. I also got a deal on Doritos (party), oatmeal, coffee, Prego, canned tomatoes, and Cheerios, so I stocked up. My son asked for meat, so I bought grass-fed beef. It was $8!

I don’t usually buy frozen pizza, but I could stack 2 coupons with a sale.

Total: $86.36

2016-01-16 14.12.42

Overall total: $127.08

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