Frugal Step: Grocery Trips Last Week of January


2016-01-22 12.29.26

Kroger: $92.33

The Snowpocalypse was expected starting Friday here in the Midwest. I had intended to go shopping Saturday morning, but changed my plans just in case we got a lot of snow. We had a planned date night at Lock 27 for some yummy gastropub food Saturday night, and I was hoping roads would be clear by then. All went well and holy crap it was amazing. I don’t drink alcohol (it’s icky) but my husband tried a  bourbon ale something or other and I had a Diet Coke. My husband is Polish and was thrilled they had pierogies. We went with a mixture of appetizers: beer cheese soup, poutine, pierogies, frites, and salad. So good!

Anyway! I ended up hitting Kroger Friday morning while my older two were in school and avoided Aldi. I had to take the toddler to a well-child visit and would not have time to hit two stores. The Mega Event was going on, and I was able to combine some coupons to score some great deals.

There was a rare digital coupon for dried pinto beans, so I grabbed 4 pounds worth, and will be making slow cooker refried beans this week. I got a 20-count Finish dishwasher tab box for $1.49, brand name Cheerios for $1.16/box, Silk almond milk for $1.24, Creamette Pasta for $0.49 each, and Philadelphia cream cheese for $1 each. I even bought a huge pack of pork chops for my meat-lovers, and am splitting it in two and freezing one serving for another week.

Three of the coupons I used I printed out from the link on Swagbucks, so once those are processed, I will get an extra 30 Swagbucks.

I came away with a free Stouffer’s frozen dinner and a free box of Uncle Ben’s Rice thanks to free Kroger downloads.

My husband’s soy milk was not in stock, so we may swing back and get some this week, but that should be about $8 more, well within $100 for the week.

I stuck to my list except for 2 things: impulse buy potato chips and Valentine heart sugar cookies that I baked with my preschooler.

All in all, I think we did well this week. I am stocked up for the party, with the exception of a few things I will need at Sam’s.

P.S. Can you spot the little helper in the picture?

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